Taking Zolpidem Without Compromising Your Long Term Health

Sleeping medications such as Zolpidem can definitely be addictive. When you go to visit a doctor about taking Zolpidem you need to consider any and all options offered to you before going with sleeping medications.

What you need to do before using Zolpidem

You may have already made the decision to request a Zolpidem or to purchase it yourself from some other source. It would be a good idea before you start using these medications to make sure you don't have an underlying condition that is causing your insomnia. If there is an underlying condition then more effective treatments may be available.

The end goal of taking Zolpidem medications

Some people may believe once they start taking Zolpidem they will have to take them long-term in order to get the sleep they need. However, that is not the goal of this sleeping medication. When it is prescribed the goal is to help you get over your sleeping problems. Once your sleeping problems have been resolved the doctor will want to slowly take you off of it at first, and alternately get you off of it completely.

Exceptions to using Zolpidem long-term versus short-term

There are certain exceptions when it comes to using Zolpidem long time. There are certain people that have chronic insomnia that is associated with a serious medical condition or a psychiatric disorder. These types of people can continue long-term use of the medication, because it may not impact them as negatively.

Zolpidem and chemical addictions

Some people are worried that taking Zolpidem will cause them to develop a chemical addiction. Once these people try to withdraw from the drug they feel they will experience symptoms similar to someone withdrawing from narcotics. Sleeping medications such as Zolpidem typically do not produce chemical dependency, so as long as they are not taking it in excessive doses.

Zolpidem and psychological addiction

Although prescription medications such as Zolpidem may not cause someone to develop a chemical dependency, that does not prevent a psychological dependency from forming. Someone taking this medication may reestablish healthy sleeping habits, but they may feel they cannot sleep without taking the medication, even when they can. These are all signs of psychological dependency.

Zolpidem and getting off of it successfully

Getting off of Zolpidem successfully is dependent upon how the process is performed. Slowly tapering off of the drug under the watch of a medical professional is recommended. This slow withdrawal should take place over a period of several weeks. This will not only reduce addiction problems, but also minimize psychological dependency on the drug.

Taking increased dosages of Zolpidem and how to minimize it

Constantly increasing the dosage of Zolpidem you may want to take is advised against. If it is needed your doctor will let you know. However, they may try other methods such as behavioral treatment in order to prevent having to increase the dosage. You will not develop a tolerance this way.

As long as you look at using Zolpidem as a short-term solution you should be able to get the help you need without compromising your health or risking long-term dependency.


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